March is the time of the year that all those invasive leafy plants show up in the garden and parc.

Are fresh herbs like nettles and ground elder a plague or a gift of nature?

If you are lucky to have a garden, pick them wash them thoroughly and consume them! They are loaded with minerals and vitamins that we need so much after the winter months. In moderate consumption, they are detoxing and supporting the liver function.

Here are 4 simple recipes you can use:

  • Put some elder leaves thinly cut into your salads, soups and or stews
  • Make a pesto of it with grinded seeds, or almonds, some basil, Parmezan cheese, garlic, pepper, and olive oil. Delicious on toast or in pasta.
  • Make a soup of 2 hands of finely cut nettle tops into a vegetable or chicken broth. Add half a cup of oatmeal + 2 cloves of garlic and after 2 minutes of simmering, pass it into the blender.
  • Nettle tops are delicious when mixed with hot mashed potatoes and 100 grams of Blue cheese. 10 minutes in the oven at 175C.

Eat yourself to more energy, out of your garden or the parc.

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